It All Starts at Home
15 Ways to Put Family First

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Honor your family, your name, and your faith.
Upon these steadfast principles, Fred and Ruth Harris started a life together in a world of prejudice. Other virtues were incorporated into their lives as nine children came into their family. Following practical sensibilities, this African-American couple defied racism, financial hardship, and more to make togetherness and faith the core of their inspiring story.

Written by their son with playful, frank, and poignant anecdotes, It All Starts at Home shows you how to make family the foundation for personal character. As people who knew great affection, consistent discipline, and their parents' belief in a larger purpose, the Harris children flourished through ups and downs, successes and failures. Their story will bring hope and insight on how to raise children who love God and each other.

An excerpt from Dr. Bill Cosby Speaks at the 50th Anniversary commemoration of the Brown vs. Topeka Board of Education Supreme Court Decision here

Is what Columnist and freelance magazine journalist Pamela Perry had to say about It All Starts at Home. Read her review here.


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